Last week was the first day of work with The Founding Class of Lab Atlanta. Students and Faculty discussed and practiced acute observation with a walk in Midtown and a visit at MODA. Haleigh Jones wrote this short piece to reflect on her day:

When you are the first to do something, where do you start?

As many will tell you, just follow your heart.

Lab Atlanta is fairly new.

But, it is sure at making dreams come true.

We can walk along bridges and cross the street.

But do you stop and look at what’s beneath your feet?

Imagine yourself with a foolproof plan.

No obstacles, no troubles and people who understand.

Back to reality, no one said this would be easily done.

What’s most important is that we make sure to have some fun.

Looking at beauty in our own backyard is great.

Maybe one day we can explore the entire state.

On a small scale, let’s stick with this journey, just you and me.

The city of Atlanta is the place to be!

Haleigh Jones