Strategic Partners



Leadership Atlanta is the nation's oldest sustained leadership program in the country. Its mission is to bring inspired leaders together from across metro Atlanta to understand the city and serve the common good. They have two programs: the flagship Leadership Atlanta program which offers a 9 month executive education program for a select group of leaders from around the city, and LEAD Atlanta which brings together young professionals who are inspiring leaders. 

Leadership Atlanta and Lab Atlanta are working together to help build the high school model for civic leadership in Atlanta. Students accepted into Lab Atlanta will be mentored by LEAD and/or Leadership Atlanta alumni,and  Pat Upshaw-Monteith, President and CEO of Leadership Atlanta, is a member of the Lab Atlanta Advisory Board.

Design & Innovation


Scott Sanchez and Innovators Atlanta are partnered with Lab Atlanta to help build a human-centered, design-oriented learning experience and to build the capacity of our students to be innovators. Scott is a faculty member of Stanford University's "" and vice president of innovation of Atlanta-based First Data Corporation.


Carl DiSalvo and the Public Design Workshop at Georgia Tech are partnered with Lab Atlanta to build student understanding of design, the creation of "publics," and the role of information and communication technologies in shaping public life.

Diversity & Inclusion


Atlanta-based Fearless Dialogues (founded by Emory University Professor Gregory C. Ellison II, Ph.D.) is collaborating closely with Lab Atlanta to ensure that our learning environment is as inclusive as it is diverse.

Fearless Dialogues is a grassroots non-profit initiative committed to creating unique spaces for unlikely partners to engage in hard, heartfelt conversations that see gifts in others, hear value in stories, and work for change and positive transformation in self and other. Fearless Dialogues fosters strong communities for the common good by creating spaces for unlikely relationships to change the way people see themselves and the world around them. 

Academic Core


Inquiry Schools and Lab Atlanta are partnered in insuring a progressive, inquiry-based learning experience for students. Inquiry Schools works with educators, parents and students to create and support inquiry-driven, project-based schools with a focus on using modern tools. Inquiry Schools believes that we must marry the best educational ideas of the past with the tools of the world we live in today and a vision for the future to create schools that are authentic, vigorous and empowering for all members of the community.


The Cloud Institute and Lab Atlanta are partnered in developing a curriculum design that educates students for a sustainable future.  The Cloud Institute prepares school systems and their communities to educate for a sustainable future by inspiring educators and engaging students through meaningful content and learner-centered instruction.