Karl HwangSTEM Faculty

Karl is a locally grown recycled engineer. Karl is passionate about using engineering design principles, technology, and interdisciplinary connections in the classroom. After teaching in Athens, Hawaii, Decatur, and Lovett, Karl was drawn to the potential of reimagining education at Lab Atlanta.

Karl’s love of technology, science, and mathematics has helped him lead the maker movement at Lovett. His background in engineering has helped him answer the question of  “where can we use this?” in his math classes. Karl firmly believes in helping students reach their potential by pushing them to think outside the box and to use engineering principles to solve problems. His teaching experiences in Honolulu, Hawaii, Taipei, Taiwan, Shanghai, China, and Atlanta, GA inspire him to be a guide for upcoming generations of leaders, makers, and problem solvers.

Karl attended Henderson High School then went on to pursue a Bachelors of Science degree in Civil and Environmental Engineering at Georgia Tech. After working for a small startup as an Environmental Engineer, he was inspired to teach through experiences working as a tutor and as a teacher overseas in Taipei, Taiwan, and Shanghai, China. Karl came back from Shanghai to study at the University of Georgia. He went on to pursue a Masters of Math Education.